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Ruby Tuesday aka Pretty Red Vase

For my first Ruby Tuesday, I picked this vase.

Yes, the picture looks like a cartoon… that’s because I secretly live in an animated world. Really.

Actually, this vase was part of floral bouquet I got for my birthday last year (delivered to work no less, adding to the sheer awesomeness). I verrrrry carefully put it on that window ledge high above my stairs. I thought it would be a pretty place… and it is. I see it every time I go up or down the stairs. BUT it is on a pretty high window ledge and I am not sure if I could get it down by myself.

Thankfully I am seeing a rather tall man…. Who would probably get it down for me should I ask.

Must remember to ask.

Ruby Tuesday brought to you by
Work of the Poet.


Carletta said...

It is beautiful sitting there in the light!

Columbo said...

Nice touch for a Ruby Tuesday posting. I like the vase and the positioning of it. Have a great Ruby Tuesday and thanks for joining.

Patti said...

The red adds life to the stark black & white. The RED vase draws your eyes away from the darkness and to the elegance of its shape...

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Ralph said...

Hi Kay, the last comment was by me...Patti (Late Bloomer Boomer)and I share the computer and I still forget to check the profile first...Love can be blind (and make you forget your Blogger profile!)

Anndi said...

How lovely... hopefully he'll think to fill it when he gets it down for you. ;)

Mojo said...

Well you certainly picked a winner for your debut!

I'm 6 feet... but I can find a way to get it down for you if the need should arise.

I'm good like that.

Excellent shot. Oh, and I love the one in your header too!

Mary said...

I love the ruby vase and hope you leave it right where it is. Ruby glass in the sun is so beautiful!

the teach said...

Kay, a very artistic Ruby Tuesday! I love it! Also I went to you link and added it to my post! Glad you've joined us! :)

Linda said...

I love ruby vases! Very nice choice.

Kay said...

Thank you all!

@Carletta: Thank you, sometimes it casts a red shadow too!

@Columbo: Thank you for the welcome, I had a great time!

@Ralph/Patti No worries, thank you for the nice comment!

@Anndi: Actually he gave a bouquet of white flowers (that are all just abut dead) so if the theme had been white…..

@Mojo: Thank you for the offer. I took the main blog pic in Santa Cruz while enjoying the sun and the beach all by myself. It was a great day!

@Mary: I love it there too… but I don’t always look up!

@The Teach: Thank you! I knew those Target balls were out there for a reason lol.

@Linda: Thanks… red flowers, red vase… great minds….