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Nod and Smile and Avoid the Press

Not to leap on an already full wagon... but someone please tell me how one could watch the Palin Parade of Provincial Politics and not cringe.

I want to see her inability to talk to the press, answer questions or deviate from her (already overplayed) convention speech notes as a personal thing. As a Sarah Palin thing. NOT as a woman thing... not as a.. she is just here for show, to look pretty, to distract us, to make it up to the Hillary supporters, because of her gender....

But I have to wonder... there are some very outspoken dynamic Republican women.

Could it be that McCain picked Palin because she would be easy to control?

Can that be read as anything but patriarchy... of conservative male dominance rearing its ugly head?

God, I hope so.

I won't be voting for McCain... and honestly it wouldn't have mattered who his running mate had turned out to be. But I still wonder.

I would still like to think that she was picked because they honestly thought she would do well at the job, that she would be likable and powerful and able to hold the office.

But its getting harder and harder to think that.

Read for yourself


Robert said...

I'm conservative and would be voting for the Republican ticket based on issues anyhow. But it wasn't until Palin joined the ticket that I became interested in the campaign. Not because she'd be easy to control. Or because she's a woman. Or because she's pretty. But because she has substance. Perfect? No, of course not. Experienced? Not a lot. But I'm impressed with what she has done thus far. True, she is a great public speaker (which McCain needed on his ticket) but I feel she's closer to the base of conservative principals than McCain.

I just thought you might want to hear from someone on "that side" of the fence. :)

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Actually Robert, thank you.

It is good to get a view from the “other side”

And you are right… she is an excellent public speaker. No denying that.

I just wish she would talk more.

Dillo said...

You've got your wish. She's being interviewed by Gibson this week. Have you looked at her accomplishments as governor? And she has like an 85% approval rating from Alaskans....So, she might just be more than another pretty face.....

JayRod said...

Unfortunately I'm reading this late, but now that we know the substance, I want to go back to just a pretty face. Because the substance scares me.