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Lunch; Time for Words

I finished reading Therapy by David Lodge and have to continue to gush about him. Still one of my favorite authors out there.

The problem is, I finished the book on my way to work… meaning I don’t have anything to read over lunch when I simply must flee the manacles of my spreadsheet life and seek the haven of the lawn.

Sitting out here on the lawn sans book is ok… I guess… I could be using my iphone to surf the web, I could lie back half assedly counting sheep in a happy almost sleepy doze.

But I want to be reading… I want to fall headfirst into another universe and be swallowed whole. Not having a book is annoying! I even looked over in the “Recycle Books” table in the cafĂ© to see what there was . I have never had much luck there before… the table simply groans with cheap romance novels and “modern cult classics” like Jurassic Park (gag). Today was no exception.

It’s a happy 80 degrees out here. There is even a nice bit of wind. Never mind the book… I can be an optimist, find the joy in my liquid lunch of strawberry milkshake and my notebook and maybe try writing something… maybe I can create the fantasy world…. There’s a thought… In my imaginary world there are no such things as calories or food allergies. Excellent! What else should my world have? Maybe a 4 day work week or a required paid holiday every quarter … or a Karma godfairy type who will grant wishes to the overworked auditor… I think I would like to turn CLIENT XYZ into a toad stool and then feed him to CLIENT ABC….

Oh look, lunch time is over.

(Wordzzle words brought to you by Raven.)


Raven said...


Glad you are enjoying the process. I'm going to resist the temptation to read this until after I've done my exercise on Friday and posted. Since you've now done the words for this Saturday, you may want to come back and add your name to Mr. Linky on Friday afternoon/evening when I post for Saturday.

Anndi said...

I LOVED that last paragraph! Will client XYZ be a magic toadstool?

Chatty said...

very nice - I felt I understood the character quite well, and can relate to her, as most people can - because we have ALL had situations where we would like to turn client XYZ into a toadstool and feed him to ABC ; )
And, thanks also for your kind comments about my first Wordzzle.
Nice to meet you, Kay!

Raven said...


Great job... it flowed so smoothly. Wouldn't it be nice to turn annoying people into toad stools? Or zap them to another planet or...

So glad you joined it. Sorry I'm late visiting.

Jeff B said...

I liked your first person style for this story. Hope you'll be back at it again next week.

Akelamalu said...

I thought this was just an ordinary post about your day until I recognised the wordzzle words - you did a great job!

Carletta said...

I loved the post - I had read your previous ones (I'm here very late) and just kept reading. I was like Akelamalu in thinking it was just the next post and then the words starting popping out at me too - great job!

Kay said...

@Anndi: Yes indeed. because... I will it!

@Chatty: Same here!

@Raven: Thank YOU for the words... will try both sets next time.

@Jeff: Me too... although not sure how many times I can tax my brain in this way lol

@Akelamalu: Yesh, I wanted it to be as real as possible... because reality is so much fun!

@Carletta: Thanks for reading! And yay for reality!

--hugs to all of you!--