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I am the hold up in the line.

Ok I know this isn't a big deal to a lot of you people out there, but it is a big deal to me.

Places need to provide printed menus for customers who can't read the posted-as-far-up-as-we-can-possibly-put-them menus.

Seriously, I go to a new place, I don't know what they serve but hey, I’m willing to try a new thing and then WHAM, no can do! If I can't read your menu how in blazes can I order from you? I don't have ESP!

How hard is it be to have a printed menu on hand so that when I ask (oh so politely) you can give it to me. This shouldn’t be that difficult.

Quizno's, Togos, you are my favorite places... you make it easy for me to order food and give you my money.

KFC: you are on my list. I know you serve chicken. Can I just ask for chicken? Noooo I must specify what type and what sort of meal I want bla bla bla...

What really bugs me is when I ask for a printed menu (the point being that I will then order food, give you money, and thus continue the grand tradition of Purchasing Good and Services) and I am given this big attitude...

–sigh- “Uh whatever, I'll have to look around and see if we have one..."

Then he/she stands there waiting for me to say "Oh no, my bad... wouldn't want you to have to go LOOK for something... never mind... I was just teasing you"

When I don't say this, he/she shuffles off to find one (usually with a sigh, a hair flip, a roll of the eye) and almost always comes back and says "We don't have that"

Then begins the time waste of me making this person read the entire menu to me. Yes I know it is a time waste… I never order salads but will annoyingly ask questions like; "What comes on that salad? And the other one?" I know the cashier is not thrilled, I know that the people behind me in line are upset…. But I do this to make a point. The point? Make a damn printed menu and have it on hand!

Grr Arg

Time for lunch.

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