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Falling into Fall

Its getting to be fall. I know officially we have almost two weeks left… but the its darker in the mornings, the clouds and fog take longer to burn away…. And this morning while walking to work a leaf fell on my head, fluttered to my shoulder and then dive bombed the pavement.

So of course I picked it up and put it in my purse where it crumbled a bit, broke in half, and lost a bit of its luster.

I stuck it in my hair anyway once I got to work. Because, nothing says “I refuse to be a nameless cog in the corporate machine” like dead leaves on top of your head.

Yes, fall is almost here… and while I don’t follow football…. And am not enrolled in school…. And haven’t celebrated the equinox in an embarrassingly long time…. And I live in the Bay Area of California so really the “weather change” is awfully mild compared to say, Missouri or Florida or even Sacramento….I still get a bit excited about the season change…

Change from sunglasses to scarves
Change from skirts and sandals to pants and boots
Change from salad to soup
Change from regular to flannel sheets
Change from green to red, orange, yellow, brown leaves
Change from barbeques to potlucks

And then there is the anticipation of Halloween…
The “Birthday Season” that for me starts in September and goes nonstop until January…
The dusting off of cookie sheets and loaf pans….

I don’t think I am quite ready for fall… but I will be soon!


Anndi said...

Flannel sheets... heaven! And when you move around a lot in the night you create a static light show... just not enough to read by *wink*

Anonymous said...

This was fun to read. . . I'm sorry I first missed it last month.

I love that line "Because, nothing says “I refuse to be a nameless cog in the corporate machine” like dead leaves on top of your head."

And the picture is very sweet.