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Faces On A Train

Just yesterday I mentioned the variety of random people I meet on the LR… and today the universe decided to give me an example.

This morning I was sitting at my stop waiting the train and checking my email (because thanks to my ifonay, I can do that) and saw an email alerting me to a new myspace message from Paul*

I don’t know a Paul so I was intrigued.

I clicked over to the myspace app (because thanks to my ifonay I can do that) and as I boarded the train I read his message.

Basically “Hi, My name is Paul. I take the same train as you so I recognized you, I have a green bike.” (There was a bit more, but that about sums it up)

Allow me to interject here that I understand the myspace is a networking device like facebook (although way cooler) and I have actually met several people online in some form or another who turned out to be pretty darn swell. Also let me point out that although the number is VASTLY smaller I have met some swell people on the LR as well.

So of course I look around for Paul.

Lo and behold there is a guy with a green bike. I can’t see him very well… wearing jeans, turned the other way, but there it is… green bike and my new buddy Paul.

So I wait until we are almost aat my stop and then I get up and go over there. (I wait because just in case he is rude or has two heads I want to be able to get off the train quickly… ok wait, lets be honest, if he has two heads I will stalk him and take pictures.)

Anyway, I get over to him, phone in hand and smile and say


And a very confused NotPaul blinks up at me,

“Umm no.”

I gesture at the bike; “Green bike.’

He glances at it, “Well yeah, but still… no.’

Odd, very odd.

“Okay” I shrug and go sit down.

On closer inspection this NotPaul is maaaaaaaaybe 23 at the most. He also looks a bit freaked out by the random (older) woman who just accosted him.

I click over to Paul’s myspace profile: 37 years old.

Ahhh, wrong green bike.

I shoot off a quick response to Paul (because thanks to my ifonay I can do that) indicating that I just became one of “those” people on the train.

Perhaps the Real Paul will make some sort of contact tomorrow.

Stay Tuned!

*Not his real name


Katman said...

Hi..I'm really sorry, but I found it really funny.

I commute on the London underground every day & the thought of that happening on the Jubilee line makes me laugh!

Kudos to you for breaking the mould! If I even speak to someone on my journeys to & from work, i get the look that tells me I appear to be an axe murderer!!

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Ahh yes, the fun of the train ride!

I have had a few random adventures on the LR... (see my Flash Story for a key example)

Thanks for visiting!

Clarity said...

Ah Kay, I do so love your random public transportation stories. :D

Seriously, I like the stuff you've got here - your work is just plain enjoyable to read regardless the topic.

Anonymous said...

That is really awesome. I mean, not that I want to laugh at your expense but still... it makes for a funny story.

JayRod said...

I have told Kay that she needs to put together a collection of these light rail stories into a book for publication someday. I know it is always interesting to read and I'm sure alot of people who like to read them.