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Who Sings The Songs of Sweetness?

When I was a young girl my cousin Jennifer and I used to sing in church. Not the typical everyone is singing in church type of signing… but the two little girls in matching outfits up on the stage with microphones bigger than they were belting out “He’s Still Working On Me” and laying the foundation for years of needed therapy.

I don’t remember how it got started. I was always a natural ham.. and Jennifer was always my shadow. (Despite the fact that she was older, I was still the bossy one leading us into scrapes, setting the plots of mayhem, and generally getting my own way… and blaming her for the mess. I would like to think I have grown as a person, but then… .)

Anyway, we sang in church and mostly we sang together because we made a pretty good team. We had the right mix of whatever it takes to make a congregation of nazareens say a collective “awwww”

The story of my last performance and the ill-fated “Amazing Grace” can be told some other time… what I wanted to rant just a bit about today was This

Yes, as you probably heard the cute little girl who sang the pretty little song in the opening ceremony of the Olympics turned out to be just the cute little girl lyp syncing while her not so cute (buck toothed) counterpart did the actual vocalization.

Lame! Horrible!

And yet… not surprising. This isn’t the first time that we have seen looks trump talent (-ahem- most of prime time tv- ahem-) and it isn’t even the first time with this type of thing musically (Martha Wash and “Everybody Dance Now” should spring instantly to mind.

But there is another aspect that really bugs me… the idea of proper credit. Now Martha Wash sued and won and we all know the story… and thanks to the widespread of the ‘net everyone will soon know the difference between the two little Chinese girls… but the fact is that credit was still corporately given to an undeserving party… who obviously didn’t see anything wrong with that.

Well ok, the world is a messed up unequal place full of pretty people, talented people, and weird combinations of the two.

One last thing…

They wanted the world to see a cute Chinese girl while hearing the good vocal styling’s of someone else…. And the thing that really gets me is that the whole fiasco could have been avoided. Let the “not as” cute one sing and let the cuter one run around with a balloon or a puppy of something… why not? It worked in multiple Nazarene churches in northern California in the early 80s. There was the loud slightly talented one… and the adorable counterpart, although Jennifer never got to hold a puppy.

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