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The email was sweet… “Miss reading your stuff… when will you write again? Hope everything is going ok.”

(There was another one a little less nice… calling me what amounts to a tease and doubting my ability to create on a regular basis.)

But as some of you actually know, I have been busy with some personal crap lately and as most of you don’t know, it has taken its toll on both my sleep and my writing.

So… yes, I am fine. I am still breathing, still trucking along… still looking for meaning and still finding time to dance. My naturally optimistic buoyancy keeps my head above water even while my legs are getting unbelievably tired and all I really want is some sort of solid ground.

The following is a list of blog titles for blogs I have written mostly in my head but then when it came to the actual writing them in the computer, they suddenly seemed hollow, dumb, or at the very least totally uninteresting:

But What Did You Expect? (This one had pictures of cake… and dealt with the idea of false expectations)
I Was There, I Can Prove It (Pictures and a snarky commentary against scrapbookers that comes from a slightly jealous place)
Happy Birthday To Everyone (Celebrations and the importance of marking time with rituals)
He was the Perfect Bad Guy… Until He Wasn’t (Danger of type casting people in real life.)
WTF? (The loss of intellectual universal common knowledge and how it scares the holy rice krispies out of me)
Write It Down (Type versus print versus cursive… do we need cursive anymore?)

There have also been a whole slew of Short Stories that I have started and then stopped because my handy friend the Fiction Buffer has taken a holiday and every damn thing I have been writing has become way to personal and autobiographical… even when it isn’t. This is the danger of critique. I am now seeing myself in all my characters and that not only freaks me out a tad but makes me want to crawl in a hole and never write again.

So, there you have it.


Steph said...

Oh wow. I love you. I love your writing. And I love a blog post titled "I Was There, I Can Prove It" along with said subject matter.

Will keep reading.

Kay said...

Thanks Steph!