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Believe It, Or Not.

Vanilla Chia CoffeMate creamer mixed with my Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee…

… makes me all sorts of happy.

And highly caffeinated.

The fact that Atheists still continue to get the shaft based solely on their (lack of ) religious beliefs ….

….makes me all sorts of bitter.

And highly link crazy.

Think we have separation of church and state? Think that we are en enlightened society that values people as people regardless of creed? Think again.


and Here

I am not an atheist. I am not (even) agnostic. But I am also highly uncomfortable with a group being treated like this out of misguided narcissism.


Anonymous said...

Hey... Just wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog. It matters.

JayRod said...

I think groups like Aethists have gotten the short end because they don't agree with what is thought to be mainstream. I just wish our great country could get over this need to believe in god or you are wrong idea. Not everyone feels the need to believe in fairy tales to make their lives not seem complete.