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Back In The Saddle

My computer died. It was a loud death full of scary alarm sounds and odd vibrations… It wasn’t an out of nowhere type of death; I had a vague idea that it was coming. … but it was a somewhat unexpected death and it left me computer-less for what felt like forever.

I used my wonderful iphone to check my email, kept up on a bit of myspace and facebook fun…. But the lack of Microsoft Word bugged me. A little. Then… a lot. I can’t really type too much at work and for a while I didn’t really think the lack of being able to write would really affect me… after all I have gone for days and even weeks without writing… but the difference was always that it was by choice or at least design. I wasn’t writing because I was busy, or because I was too angry, or because I was turning things over in my head…. I was always choosing not to write while recently it has been more of a matter of not being able to. Choice; it makes all the difference.

And I so I wrote in notebooks… which isn’t super unique, if you know me at all you know I carry them around with me like some sort of security blanket of college ruled lines. But it wasn’t the same. I need the click clack of the keyboard. I need the warmth of the processor. I need the fan hum that lets me know that I am working with a machine. I need the great white space that is being slowly eaten by the strings of printed letters and then words.

To be honest… My penmanship sucks and I need to know that I will be able to read what I have written later when the passion has left me and my mind has cleared.

So, thankfully I have my new lap top up and running now… and I am trying to get used to it… the quirks, the lack of a mouse, the colors, the damn Vista… Its going to take a while. I lost all of my itunes playlists and podcasts, none of my documents or pictures are where they should be, I need to reset up all my bookmarks, I am trying to decide if I will be installing Wow or just letting it go, I am trying to figure out what can and what can’t be on the hard drive and what should stay on the external portable and yet “will live at home’ hard drive”…

But I have never been one to shy away from an organizational nightmare…. And I feel confident that in the coming weeks I will not lack for something productive to do.

Plus I can write now… and hopefully now that it is once again an option to pour out my thoughts and dreams and random short story type things my hands and heart will find a way.

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