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Welcome to a twitter/blog/diary/random thought inspired view of my day. (yesterday)

This was just an email to one person (lucky him) but he responded by telling me that the

"stream of sconsciousness during the day" email has a strange, interesting flow

.. and then went as far as to suggest that I use it in my blog.

Well, that’s just silly I thought. Who wants to read this stuff?

But… then… I am a glutton for self exposure (of some types) and shared it with another friend who responded with

Reading about the random moments in your life is fun, and makes me not hate my life quite so much…

Not exactly sure how to take that but sure, thank you.

So… here is Wednesday July 30th…

The fact that my itunes wouldn’t sync my podcasts last night is all sorts of annoying. I want to hear the news! I can't remember how exactly Jarrod fixed it last time, so going to let him show me again hopefully tonight.

Thinking about weekend plans because the week is already in process. How did I go from being all booked this week to having this big empty space on my calendar? Oh right… other people have other social lives besides me. (Good Luck Alex!) Perhaps I will take Thursday’s empty night and be productive. I might just write something!

I had the strangest dream last night, it had flirting, guardian angels, Matthew being a smart ass regarding quantum physics, me being a kick ass secret agent, people from tv being all parental, a swimming pool on stairs, and bees. Trust me, it wouldn’t make any more sense if I explained it.

I am sitting on my train and the doors keep opening, and closing, and opening, and closing... It's been 5 mins. People are starting to notice.

Oh, for luggage to Portland , I was going to check one suitcase, a rolling one, and have a carry on with my purse. So I think I will be fine despite the new baggage rules that Expedia sent to Matthew who then was kind enough to pass on to me. I am hoping to be really resourceful in regards to packing in September. It’s a goal. Don’t mock.

People who email me stupid things deserve a special place in the Hell I don’t believe in.

Been reading Dave’s blogs… wow. He is so talented and reading about Shiva is so bittersweet. Makes me miss Peggy and Pip and worry about Hoppy.

Its quiet here today without Susie… in fact its been a bonding experience as we all… well, yeah.

We had breakfast early today… so now I am hungry for lunch early… but I don’t want to eat too early because I am staying late tonight. Aren’t you glad you are still reading?

Heh, just read an article about people getting injured while waling and texting. That is so me, I have all these random bumps and bruises… a big one on my upper thigh actually I can’t remember how I got. The one on the top of my head, now that one I remember. You know you are loved when someone tries to shut a car trunk lid on your head. Thank goodness for the Pacific Legacy protective gear.

When do you think words like ipod, texting, blog, etc will be included in the Microsoft Word lexicon?

How can the salad that looked so appetizing last night for dinner look so… blah… for lunch today? Is this an aspect of “old cow”? The “been there, done that” attitude. In some way, don’t we all get tired of things eventually… is there ever anything/food/person that we wouldn’t get tired of?

So Saturday it looks like Jessica and I are going to SF… which is good because I need a new purse/bag. Maybe we will have lunch at Hooters, make the day truly special. Maybe we will meet up with someone while up there, perhaps it will just be a girl’s day… at this pint I am wary of making plans since things keep changing.

Something I am tired of… sequels that are sucky.

That older guy at my office… the one who has been flirting with me recently, just asked me out for lunch sometime next week. When I politely declined, he clarified that he meant my whole department… made me feel slightly foolish.

My dinner plans for tonight just got canceled. So… the best laid plans eh? I had all nights accounted for, now facing three in a row sans plans.

Time to go home… what excitement will the evening without plans hold for me? Stay Tuned!!!!!!

Apple support closed at 6… so… just spent some time trying to fix it myself. My drivers are all sorts of up to date.. and yet…

I now have Friday night plans.. to go say good bye to my first feline love as he is very sick and not long for this world. I know it will mean more to me than to him, but I don’t care. Also going to see the former in-laws for the first time since Thanksgiving 2006. A bit apprehensive shall we say.

Nip Tuck episodes are on Good bye any hope of being productive for the next few weeks.

Pictures taken with my ifonay are easy, fast, and best of all a snap to delete! What, you may ask, am I taking pictures of? Well, I could tell you… but I’m not going to.

Late night phone call… and then sleep. To sleep, perchance to dream… and to dream… perchance of happy things…

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