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Santa Cruz! New Phone!

How was your weekend?

Mine was fan-freaking-tastic!

Partly because I got to see Eddie Money live in concert on the beach (for free) in Santa Cruz… SANTA CRUZ… indeed, we were, in fact, in SANTA CRUZ… and just in case we (the Santa Cruz audience of this concert) forgot for even a moment that we were, in fact, in Santa Cruz… Eddie managed to put the words “Santa Cruz” into each and ever one of his songs… in one song he managed seven “Santa Cruz” moments… because with all the sand, the boardwalk, and the fact that we all had arrived there independently and on our own volition, we Santa Cruz tourists and locals alike, might need to be reminded. Santa Cruz.

He also let his back up singer gal sing two songs.. which was a bit odd.

Anyway… On Saturday the long suffering and very patient Matthew stood in line with me for about an hour in Los Gatos so that I could then work one on one with two salespeople for another hour and finally emerge from the Apple store triumphant…

My new phone is a thing of beauty. I am loving the camera ability and the GPS was extremely fun and useful for when we got slightly lost in SF and when later we needed to find someplace to eat in Pacifica. yay for my new phone!

I have spent the rest of the weekend (with a small pause in order to watch Hellboy 2) playing with my new phone, taking pictures with my new phone, sending texsts on my new phone, adding contact information onto my new phone, and assigning pictures of people to their contact information on my new phone…..

Santa Cruz! New Phone!


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