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Announcement time.


As you (gentle constant) readers have noticed –some of you not quietly- I haven’t been posting nearly as often recently.

Let me assure you that I have not, as some evil minded rumor makers might have decreed, eloped with a former lover, joined the British Foreign Legion, gone “underground, or given up writing.

I have been working on my novel.

Its true.


And while working on my novel I have also been doing some fun editing (with a bona fide editor!) of the work that has been posted here in hopes to get it ready for the eyes of a publisher.

I have also been having a large amount of computer problems that recently culminated with my CPU going on a field trip to the House of Lee in order to get fixed. Prayers, sacrifices to Venga Goddess of Technology, and positive thoughts as me and Besty (my CPU for those of you who don’t know) undergo this separation. Please keep us in your thoughts and help us deal until she makes a speedy recovery.

That being said… this blog will be undergoing a few changes in the coming days/weeks.

I started this blog as a way to get my writing “out there”, to hold myself accountable for creating something on a regular basis, and to get over my fear of sharing my work with other people. Those were good goals and for the most part the blog has accomplished them.

It is time to move on slightly, to new goals.

Since I will be devoting much of my time to the novel and much of my time to the fine tuning of already created and posted works, this blog will now be a place where I will practice writing for the sake of writing. I am thinking it will be a mix of diary/profound wisdom/snarky comments/and the occasional creative writing exercise.

You all are invited to continue dropping by and reading, sending me emails, etc. I will be writing here.. just with a slightly different thrust. (Yes Kyu, I said thrust, stop with the giggles already.)

That being said… I tag things for a reason, keep that in mind and enjoy!

And for those of you (newish types) who don’t really dig the fiction stuff, well, then feel free to keep coming back for the random glimpse into the wonderful world of Kay-ness.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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