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Oh.. right... yes...

Oh right… writing…

Lately I have been doing most of my “writing” in my head… which really doesn’t help anyone but myself. Although, I did write a parody of a Mark Knophler song (Boom Like That) for Matthew which he enjoyed and a teeny tiny blog over on my myspace page about… well nothing really. Mostly though my recent writing has been curtailed to just a lot of lists, emails, and such.

Other than that, I have been watching Dr. Who, playing an insane bit of FreeCell, and generally thinking about writing… which as stated before doesn’t really help anyone, including myself.

And would you like to know why I have been having trouble writing? Because my current idea was something that was hopefully going to be funny. Yes, its true, lets spread the wings a bit, try to fly in a new direction…. And that , wait a sec, my alarm is going off. Ahhh… no wonder I overslept this morning. I woke up with the vague feeling that something was wrong. I rolled over, found my glasses, then my phone and lo and behold it was 6:36…. I had exactly 4 minutes to get ready!

Because I am the awesome low maintenance gal that I am, I did manage to get ready in four minutes flat: jeans, bra, tank top, shoes sweater, brush teeth, brush hair, DONE! A quick trip to Starbucks for a mocha and apple fritter fix (omg sooo good) and I get to work right on time.

And now you all have the excitement of my morning. Aren’t you glad you clicked over here today?

Back to writing: I think that I am going to be putting more time and energy into my longer projects this summer. I have four basic novel ideas 9well, I think they are novel anyway) and now I am just trying to figure out which one will take the least amount of research, err, I mean, which one will be the most fun to write. Either way.

Look for the prologue, or perhaps even a chapter to appear here at some point soonish.

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