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Something lighter

So, I watched a really horrible movie recently. My Super Ex Girlfriend. There were many reasons it was horrible.

Silly, Lame, Plot Holes, Bad Acting, Horrible Costumes, Worst Use of Eddie Izzard, Overly Cliché’ (and not in the good or funny way), Badly Written Dialogue, Sight Gags that were Unsightly,… the list goes on.

(According to IMDB there was someone actually cast in the role of “Scary Dude” which is hilarious considering that he was a mugger and thus could just as easily been cast as “Mugger”, but I digress)

Want to know one of the biggest reasons that this movie makes it onto my top “Gah, I hate this” list?

/Kaylia climbs up on her familiar Post Modern Feminist Body Image soap box and clears her throat/

The thing that really bugs me was one of those little aesthetic things. In the movie a meteorite crashes to earth (totally unnoticed by any law enforcement agencies of course) and by touching it Jenny gets infused with super powers. During the metamorphosis from geeky teen to hot super teen some of the following transitions happen.

First, her braces pop off/out. Because… okay… she is super and perfect now and so are her teeth. I can buy this.

She no longer needs her glasses. Agh, yes now that she is pretty and such she doesn’t need them… but again maybe this has more to do with her perfect body being, perfect… so bad eyesight doesn’t fit in.. okay I can (gulp) accept that too.

She gets taller. … Fine, whatever.

Her hair turns blond. Umm ok… not really sure why, but I guess blond = perfect? (Later another girl –already blond- gets infused with the same space juice and her hair turns red. This makes me wonder if the real thing about becoming perfect is that you have to change … )

The last thing to change: her boobs get bigger. Yup, Its true. Big boobs = perfection.


Maybe I am being too cynical. Its possible that her bigger boobs are there to help with her balance. Maybe it is so that the emblem on her chest will be more visible. Maybe they are magic boobs with the power to hypnotize evil doe-ers.

Or maybe we are obsessed with boobs and like them big, shapely, and shown off via tight clothing.

Not that I would ever….

Ok, well maybe just this one time I fell victim to the pressure of society and flaunted my….

Ok, so maybe it was more than once..

Ok, so, umm maybe its not as much a “that one time” but more of a “every chance I get” kind of thing…


/Kaylia slinks off the Post Modern Feminist Body Image soap box and adjusts her bra./


Ralphd00d said...

I agre completely that that particular cinematic experience was not a very enjoyable one. On a side note: "becoiming perfect is that you have to change..." Maybe it is more, one sees oneself different in being perfect (hence the brunette hair turns blonde, blonde turns red, etc.)

Kaylia Metcalfe said...


I was thinking of you when I posted this.... even thought about poaching some great boob pics from your blog (which I read faithfully and "NEVER" while at work)...

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Oh... and I agree.

/checks the status of brownish roots in mirror and makes hair appointment/

JayRod said...

I think the idea of large breats being more perfect lies in the very nature of humans (or at least men and then by association, women). Breasts swell when a woman is pregnant and this is a sign of new life. Also, during sexual arousal and this being a sign of enjoyment and also fetiliaty (or at least the interest in practicing the act of making babies). So there is an association with larger breasts and good things like sex and childbirth (which is good in the basic sense that it continues the species). Now if we think of modern times, the large breasted women are constantly being shown as the objects of affection in books, televsion, movies, etc. Just like the idea of blondes and redheads being more desirable than a brunette (however I would like it know I prefer bruenttes, then redheads, and blondes last). I don't blame the media, it is part of our cultural self that large breasts are considered good and even prefered. But if you look at other cultures, this is not always the case. Some cultures prefer small even childlike women who have almost no breasts and others prefer women to be large or plump as it is a sign of good health from eating well. To make my point, it's all about body image. Do you like yourself the way you are or, if you could change some thing or things about yourself, would you?