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Final Assignment

The woman at table nine was crying. Trails of thick black mascara ran down her full cheeks despite her half-hearted attempts to wipe them away. Throaty half-sobs competed with the soft piano music that attempted to fill the restaurant with atmosphere. Her table-mate was looking a tad weepy himself. Whether it was because of her disgusting display of emotion or the incident itself that had caused such an outpour of salty tears, I was not quite sure.

I had noticed them upon entering the dining room. They were hard to miss. I let my eyes linger on them for a moment as I situated myself at the small corner table I had requested and with the aid of a nice incentive to the maitre’d, had received. I pushed the chair a little farther into the corner and placed the candle/flower arrangement in the center for better coverage of my face. I did this while glancing at my menu with a careless attitude; it wouldn’t do to be noticed.

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Ralphd00d said...

Kay - you are writing wonderfully! I wqish I could pop them out as fast as you, and diverse topics as well! Keep on writing!

Kay said...


Still waiting to read more from you... -hint hint-

Lord Chronos77 said...

I always knew you had talents.

JayRod said...

I see you polished this one a bit, but you might want to change rouge agent to rogue agent. Unless he was into make-up!