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Coffee Date

We meet under the marquee downtown, 6pm on the dot. I have been waiting in the Starbucks across the way for an hour, alternating between watching the time with occasional furtive glances at my cell phone and the people getting on and off the train through the smudgy window near my table. At 5:58 I collect my notebook, my pens (three, just in case), my almost empty coffee cup, and my purse. I wrap my scarf back around my neck feeling instantly safer, and push my way through the people waiting in line. Outside the air is crisp and cold, but the sky above is clear as I walk over to the front of the theater ignoring the pounding of my heart.

I glance at my phone and then almost without realizing it I look up and I am looking at him. He is walking towards me from Pitching St, baseball hat shadowing his face, hands thrust into the pockets of an unfamiliar coat, dodging around college kids and loud angry men in boy’s clothing. I watch him sidestep a woman talking on her cell phone, oblivious to the world as she runs by giving the whole street and her unfortunate listener the frantic play by play as she tries to catch the train. Our eyes meet and he smiles.

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