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The Aside

We are driving down Stevens Creek Blvd, the sun shining in our eyes and the music turned up loud enough to curtail any type of meaningful conversation when suddenly she pulls the car over and stops on the side of the road, front tire ever so slightly on the curb.

I look around unsure, blinking out of my semi drowsy state brought on by serious mall walking and the warmth of the late afternoon.

“Where are we?”

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Unknown said...

That was amaizing. I only have one question: if the naraitor wasn't you was (s)he a male or female?
otherwise an amaizing tale.

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Yikes, I was trying to be subtle but not obscure... it was from the point of view of a woman dealing with her daughter.

Must revise to make it clearer...

:) thanks!

Unknown said...

Well it just needs that introduction in the begining, maybe a line or two of setup. Not much. It's still a really amaizing story.

JayRod said...

Yeah, I didn't get the woman and daughter thing, but that might be because I am a guy and it sounded more like a romantic relationship kind of talk. I couldn't tell the gender of the narator until a ways in and then I was thinking it was a lesbian couple. Hmmm.