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A Different Kind of Pride...

I went to Pride again this year.

Unlike in years past, I didn't march in Pride... I didn't work at Pride... I simply went to Pride.

And It Was Glorious!

Not that I regret "doing" Pride differently for so many years. I mean, the outfits alone are sometimes worth it.

But it was lovely to sit back, watch the parade with friends, and enjoy the day as an observer. 

It was sobering. I don't work for an LGBT nonprofit anymore. I'm not a member of any sort of LGBT leadership. I'm just... me.

I'm still a community activist. I'm still a loud mouth queer lady who will sit on your panel about equality or feminist issues. I'm still using my writing and copy editing skills for progressive people and their platforms.

But I'm also just me. One of the many queer people on the sidelines.
Take a moment.
Raising a glass.
Breathing in deep.

And preparing for the day when I jump back into nonprofit work with both feet.

The kiddo loved watching WITH her mom. <3 nbsp="" td="">

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