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New quarter, same issues.

Is there some sort of karmic imp that gives you all the best ideas when you don't have time to actually implement any of them?

Maybe it is that it is January and everyone is obsessed with the new... new diet, new daily planner, new goals, new semester, new projects...

Maybe it is the rain.

Maybe it is my brain's perverse delight in sabotaging my best-laid intentions by feeding my natural inclination to procrastinate "you could start this week's reading for class...... but wouldn't it be more fun to start a queer lady zine?" "Sure, the school newsletter needs to be formatted... but hey, your closet could sure use an overhaul!"

Photo from this article that I totally read. 


Time to get out the daily To-Do list and set up attainable goals and properly calibrated motivations (ie bribes and rewards).

Get up: Done
Drink Coffee: Done!
Take the kid to school / get the kid from school: Yessir I have done those things!
Have piano tunned: Yup! (Had a very interesting conversation with the tuner as well)
Blog!: Hey look, I am doing that now!


Newsletter format
Email team
Confirm sitter for Wed
Make weekly menu/grocery list
Fold laundry
Finish dishes
Read assignment
Work on BWQ submission

Crud... that's a lot before dinnertime.

Sigh. Ok. Off I go to be /grumble/ productive.

Storm Before The Storm

Y'all I totally forgot to write about this because... well... (persoanl life bbit here) our family had a scary medical emergancy that sort of took over everything for the first half of December and then there was the holidays....


Before all that (a month ago)... The Maifan-San* and I went on a combo birthday trip to LA where we go to eat yummy food and see Mike Duncan in person!

Who is Mike Duncan? Allow me to educate you.
Mike Duncan is the amazing podcast man behind two of my all time favorite podcasts: The History of Rome and Revolutions.

If you have any interest in history or great stories please check out his podcasts.

History of Rome: it is suuuuuuper long... because it is suuuuper in depth and suuuuuper fascinating. I cannot say enough good things about this very comphrensive look at the Rome. Starting with twins fed by a wolf all the way up to when the Empire split, this is a journey of epic porportions all broken up into easily digestable chunks.

Revolutions: The Bristish Revolution. The American Revolution. The French Revolution. The Hatian Revolution The Central American Revolution... SO MANY revolutions and SO MANY interesting stories! Again, bite sized chunks with enough details to give you the story without weighing you down and making you angry.

I wish Mike Duncan could be in charge of all the history classes... I seriously learn so much through his work.

Ok, so the podcasts are great (seriously great) but wait... there's more! He wrote a book.

And yeah... I preordered it... and yeah I am super excited to read it. (Go here and buy it yourself!) 

BUT WAIT... there is Still MORE!

We got to meet him! 

Yep! He gave a talk... he signed our books... and we go to meet him.

It was very very cool.

And yeah... it is pretty nerdy to go hear a historian podcaster talk about Rome as a birthday trip. But that's the sort of nerds we are.

Happy Birthday my love... and Thank You Mike Duncan for the hours and hours of listening and all the knowledge you have given me over the years.

Best birthday Ever!

*My Stud Muffin of a husabnd to any new readers