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Happy Yule!

In our home we celebrate Yule.

It is important for us to acknowledge that the nights are long, cold and dark. The days have been getting shorter... as has our patience in this very festive (over stimulating) time of year.

But there is always hope! The darkness cannot win... and just how the story often gets sad and scary before the heroine beats her foe, our season must get dark and cold before the light can return.

So, on this, the longest night, we take a moment to look deep into the darkness.

Hello darkness. Hello cold
I see you
I see fear
And I see loss.
But I know
Your power is fleeting.

Tomorrow brings sun, and more light than today. And for that, we celebrate!

We give gifts at Yule to thank those who stay with us when life gets dark and scary.

So, thank you friends and family. Thank you coworkers of Matthew who helped get him to the hospital when he had his seizure. Thank you neighbor who broke the traffic laws getting me to his side. Thank you friends who cared for Ella. Thank you friends and family who have shouldered the hassle of driving us about. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and support.

As we face the rest of winter we are full of hope. Things will get better. we will continue to adapt as life continues to change.

At Yule we use one candle to light many and we remember that it takes nothing from our light to share it with others.

May your winter nights be full of light and love.

Blessed Yule to all.

Class update

As many of you know, in an effort to be able to charge (more) for my copy editing skills, I have been taking a course through UC San Diego. This course was part 1 (of 4) to obtaining my Copyeditor Certificate. ( might continue on to do more developmental editing... time will tell.

To that end I have been imersing myself in all things grammar for the past few months.

which... sucks.

But is also fascinating.

I am here to tell you that I got an A in my grammar class. Yay me!

Now it is time to read for fun, enjoy the holiday season, and mentally prepare for next quarter!


Happy Birthday to me!

I don't do New Year Resolutions... but birthday goals are definitely my thing.

This year my goal is to finish my certificate, manage my clients in a hyper-organized way, survive Ella's first year of Kinder, learn more Spanish, drop 15 pounds, read more than 40 books, dye my hair a crazy color, make better food choices, watch less TV, keep my office clean, host more dinners, and generally be the best version of myself possible!

Realistically I will do half of that. But goals are important!

I am also going to start dressing the way I want with less worry about being femm enough.

Because. I can.