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Happy Fourth!

However you celebrated the Fourth of July... I hope you had a good time.

For years, years, the Man has wanted to take the Kid to see fireworks.

And for years, years, I have dragged my feet because I am totally chicken and HATE fireworks.

Yeah, I know (intellectually) that they are really high up. I know they can't hurt me.


... I have no depth perception. None. So to my eyes/head/heart/self they are RIGHT HERE INT FRONT OF MY FACE ABOUT TO BURN ME!

Image result for fireworks


This year, he took her... and I stayed home with a really stupid movie and a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough.

The main character holding a tablet
like I said... reallllllly dumb..... 

I think I got he better end of the deal... no crowds! No praying over loudspeakers! no sunburning! No traffic!

And best of all... no fireworks!

They had fun too.

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