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Hair Today / Still Boring as Ever Hair Tomorrow

It's that time of year again! Summer!

And while many of my friends... and yeah, me too, are realizing that last year's shorts don't fit, or that our bodies are not quite swimsuit ready despite that workout routine we started in March (ok, fine, April).... it is also time for my yearly "what the heck is wrong with my hair" anxiety attack.

See, I don't do much with my hair. In fact... I am not sure you can call what I do, *doing* at all.

I wash it. I brush it. And then I put it up in a pony tail that is often tucked into itself... and then I ignore it.

Living dangerously... hair down! 

Until summer. For some reason that is the season when I start to wonder if I should cut it... or, even more daring, learn to style it.

It is like clockwork.

Last year I bought a curling iron. The year before, curlers. They gather dust under the sink. I think a family of dust bunnies lives there now.

And yeah, there have been plenty of years where I have died it, or fried it, or teased it... or chopped it... all part of me angerly bemoaning my utter lack of skills.

Not this year!

This year I am going to find a style and then come hell or high water, I am going to learn how to make MY hair look like THAT hair.

  This hair to be exact.

(I'm an optimist)

I evicted the dust bunnies.
I dusted off the curling iron.
I plugged in the heated curlers.

I googled and gossiped and took notes when my friends gave me info.

I curled and teased.  Moose-d and sprayed. Brushed. Brushed some more. And yes, burnt my fingers.


The results were... ok...

Part "done" part "electrical socket" ... quick show off cleavage so no one will notice! 

I accepted defeat / my own inherent laziness / general apathy

I put it back up in a pony tail or sometimes down under a hat (WILD)... and accepted, for another year at least, my hair limitations.

Morgan Hill Quick Trip

Had the chance to wander a bit with The Man in Morgan Hill last week.

First we posed for a serious photo because we are serious folks.

And because we are adults and awesome like that, I snapped this photo when we found a large piece of spider art on a parking garage.

It wasn't the only cool art we saw that day... check out this from the Morgan Hill Library.

And then we ended up going on a tour of a historic house and learning all sorts of interesting facts about the founders of the town.

As some of you know, we have been gathering items for our library... anachronistic items that is. We saw a lot on our tours, but sadly the tour guide was watching us like a hawk (when she wasn't asking Matthew to come give a talk about archaeology) and so this little beauty got to stay enshrined in a museum.

Yeah, I know it "belongs in a museum" even my personal archaeologist wine drinking buddy told me I should leave it alone...

but still.

Anyway, the story of Morgan hill's founding was fascinating stuff. Who needs fiction when you have stories like this? 

In 1850, Martin Murphy, Sr.'s youngest son, Daniel Murphy, married Maria Fisher, heiress of the neighboring 19,000-acre (7,700 ha) Rancho Laguna Seca, thus combining the two estates. In 1853, Martin Murphy, Sr.'s father, Bernard Murphy, died leaving the majority of the estate to Martin Murphy, Sr., but a substantial portion to a Martin Murphy, Sr.'s mother, Catherine, who then married James Dunne. By 1870, the Murphy family had acquired around 70,000 acres (28,000 ha) of the Morgan Hill area.[16] In the history of Morgan Hill, the Murphy, Dunne, and Hill families are of the most prominent significance.

In 1882, Daniel and Maria Murphy's favorite daughter, Diana Murphy, fell in love with Missouri businessman Hiram Morgan Hill. They married in secret, on account of his being a Quaker and her being from a prominent Roman Catholic family. When Daniel Murphy died, Diana and Hiram Morgan Hill inherited the 4,500 acres (1,800 ha) surrounding the original Murphy estate, near Murphy's Peak (now known as El Toro). In 1884, the Hills built their weekend estate, as the family primarily lived in San Francisco and in Nevada, dubbed Villa Mira-Monte (Italian for Mountain-View Estate).[18]

By 1886, the family chose to live primarily at the Ojo del Agua estate, as they jointly inherited 22,000 acres (8,900 ha) around the estate. However, the move was temporary, as scandal caused by the marital complications of Hiram Morgan Hill's prominent socialite sister, Sarah Althea Hill, and her husband, Senator William Sharon, made the Hills a source of social ridicule, thus causing them to start spending the majority of their time between San Francisco and Washington, D.C., thus leaving their Ojo del Agua estate untouched for long periods of time.[16]

That's the Wiki version... the tour guide had some lovely little tid bits of drama to share... but I think I might save those for either another blog post or a historical fiction book about the area.

ANYway... we tooled about the town for a bit after our wine tour and found a few more entertaining things before we headed back to SJ and the kiddo.

Is it just me or is the name of this church slightly disquieting?

Not a rose. So....