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Happy in the New Year

Cross post bliss!

No really. I'm happy.... and here's why! 

That feeling...

You know the feeling. 
Of near elation. 

When you hear a song from the 80s that you have heard a thousand times before. 

But this time it makes you think of a story. 

The beginnings of a story anyway. 

So you start to write. 

And two days later you finish the story. 

The first draft anyway. 

And you reward yourself with a walk in the fresh air. 

And you notice a sign for a bookstore. 

That you have walked past at least six times. But never noticed. 

So you go in. 

And when you open the door you smell books and you hear the song. 

They are playing that song. 

And you get chills. 

And buy yourself something. 

A bracelet to wear and remember this feeling. 

And a candle to burn when the story gets sold. 

And it's not a question of if. 

But when. 

And you can't stop smiling and feeling that this vacation was the best gift your partner could have ever given you. 

Yeah. That feeling.