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(Kaylia Metcalfe)

Mommy Dearest

I’m an evil mommy.

I won’t let Ella adopt (as in bring inside) dirt cods. Rocks, yes. Dirt clods, no.

I won’t let her stick keys into electrical sockets. I just won’t.

Sometimes I have to pee. I don’t even ask to do that alone anymore, I have learned… but sometimes I need to sit down and do that.

I have hidden a few of her books that drive me nuts. I feel no remorse.

I washed her blanket. It apparently smells different (clean) and she is regarding it with distrust while crying.

I won’t let her climb into the dishwasher. I know it looks like fun. I know. And yet…

I won’t let her put pebbles into her mouth. Also crayons. Also cat liter.

I won’t let her tie ropes, ribbons, sashes, scarves, belts or anything else around her neck. Clearly she has a death wish fashion sense and I am stifling it.

Yep. Pure evil.

That’s me.

The adorable little face I can still say "no" to. 

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