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Coke... Misdirection Can Be a Beautiful Thing

So a lot of people are talking about Coke... but I don't think they are talking about the right thing in terms of Coke.

Having ignorant bigoted tools get up in arms for such a silly thing as having people sing a song about how awesome America is in a variety of languages is really a very clever way to do a few things.

Sneak in a gay family into a Super Bowl ad. (making history I might add).

Pivot the tables so that the liberal media and most progressive peoples who have been disapointed with Coke's continued sponsorship of the Russian Olympics can now be back in Coke's corner against those who are u in arms over the language thing.

Brilliant really.

Here's a bit more in depth coverage that I wrote for the GCV blog.

Tell me if you like my disclaimer.

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