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New title, new gig, new phase!

I'm starting off the New Year with a bang....

First, I am pleased to share that over the holidays my dear Maifan-San and I officially tied the knot.

Yep. I'm a married woman! (I'm a Mrs!)

The day could not have gone better... the weather was lovely, the guests were wonderful, the baby even made it most of the day without an epic meltdown of any sort!

More photos coming soon, of course.

Also this year I am pleased to announce a new writing gig!
I will be joining the contributors of the Pride PAC blog in the coming weeks.

The blog will be relaunching soon and yours truly will have a weekly column to talk about LGBT issues in terms of family, youth, transgender, politics, entertainment.... In short, whatever news and noteworthy thing I wish!

I am very excited to expand my regular "gigs" in this way... and I will link to my first article once it has gone live.

Thank you to all of you who have been reading me over the years! 

And lastly, we are apparently going to start potty training Ella (who is 15 months old and showing all the "signs" of being ready. While I anticipate this next phase in her journey to be a long one (we won't be pushing her or anything), it is an exciting thing to be starting in the new year.

I hope the beginning of 2014 has been as full of promise and excitement for you!

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