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Doctor Doctor....

We took Ella to the Doctor's office for her one year check up.

Highs and Lows.

She is pretty darn healthy.

She is one point into the "Anemic" area.

High: she met all but one of her developmental markers.

The one she didnt meet is her verbal.


We think our doctor is on crack and that she is just fine and it is a range and how dare you judge my baby who obviously understand so many complex concepts so shut up already.


No lead!

We had to practically strong arm them into doing her blood work. See... there are tests that are required if you are on Medi-Care. If you aren't on Medi-Care because you have insurance, those tests aren't required by the state. So, to get them you have to throw a hissy fit.

Shining Moment of Pure Awesome dad:
Matthew making the tech start over in terms of doing Ella's finger prick because she was not following safety / hygiene regulations. She got huffy but Concerned (and Correct) Dad will win you every time.

He then called in an official complaint to the CA Medical Board.

Also, we are looking for a new pediatrician.

Ella is one years old. She weighs 24.7 pounds and is 28 inches long.

And I love every square inch.


You are one.

One year old.

One very special little girl.

One... not really a baby... but still my baby.


You have lots of blong hair that I am learning to deal with. It is getting long in front and gets in your eyes. But I'm far from ready to cut it.

You have big gray green eyes that watch everything I do... I can almost see the wheels turning.

You have teeth. I think there are 8 in there. I have stopped being able to count because they are sharp.

You have fingers and arms and sweet little shoulders and a back I like to rub when I am singing to you.

You have a tummy that you are very proud of. It is the first body part you can almost always identify.

Sometimes you also know your head, your knees, your toes, your feet... but you always know your tummy.

You have legs that don't just walk.. they walk backwards, they run, and they climb.

You have feet i love to kiss and tickle. You are very interested in your feet. They are some of your favorite things to play with.

You have smiles and hugs and kisses and giggles that I cannot get enough of.

You also have struggles. You don't like taking your naps, you don't like the word 'no" and you don't understand why I cant hold  / carry you around all day long.

You are learning how to hold hands. You already know what it means when I say "Lets go for a walk"

You hate my computer.

You hate having your diaper changed.

You love getting dressed... but you think it is mostly about the game of tag.

Your favorite stuffed animal is your giraffe and your army of monkeys. Or Hallucination Bear.

Your favorite book is Goodnight Moon.

You love dancing with me. We listen to a lot of country music.

Every night Daddy reads Harry Potter to you and then we sing "With someone like you..."

I love you more than I thought I could. I can't imagine life without you.

The past year has flown by, but I am so glad to be your mommy and I can't wait for all the amazing things we are going to get to do in the year to come!

Greek Yogurt and Magic Counters


I know I get on soap boxes about weird things sometimes.

I hate the bad grammar in a lot of pop songs.

I constantly question the through process behind story arcs in TV shows.

And sometimes I can't get the absurdity of commercials out of my head.

For example.

I have a few issues with this commercial.

First, the music is Latin... Cuban to be precise... for a Greek yogurt.

This is the song / artist.

Not that one couldn't promote the other, but it seems like using some fun Greek music might have been a nice touch.

Unless us american are seen as too stupid to tell the difference.

All-rightly then, moving on.

Check out what happens at 7 seconds into the commercial.

She takes the lid off the yogurt.
She places it... slimy yogurt covered side down on the counter.

Ummm. Ick.

And then she gets all sexy eating with her yogurt. Which, I guess we can expect in food comercials... but it still irks me. This is practially a lipstick commercial, see how there was no smudging? I was expecting to see a Muller / Revlon cross over moment....

And after eating her yummy yogurt, she grabs another one off the magically clean counter to take with her.


I wish I lived in Commercial Land... where make up never falters and counters clean themselves.

Last night.....

/knock knock
It is 8:40. At night.
I'm not expecting anyone.
The light is out on our porch and the peep hole helps me not at all.
/knock knock
"Who is it?" I call while scrambling to find my phone.
"The paperboy" comes the answer.
We don't get the paper.
It is 8:30. At night. In September. It is dark.
"We don't get the paper" I call through the door, dialing 9-1-1 on my phone.
"I have a free copy for you." the male voice comes back.
"No thanks" I say, finger hovering over the "call" button.
"It's free, and I'm in a contest for a trip."
I stand still. I don't move.
I'm very glad I remembered to close the blinds in the kitchen that face the front yard area.
"Ma'am? It's a free paper."
"No thanks."
"But it's free."
I'm suddenly not frightened anymore, now I'm annoyed.
"No thanks means 'no' dude"
" Come on, ma'am, just open the door. It's a free paper."
"You do know how creepy this is right? I'm not opening the door."
We both stand silent.
I count to five.
He is still out there.
I count to five again.Annoyance is turning back to fear.
"I think you need to walk away dude." I have no idea why I have just said "dude" twice in five minutes. "This is creepy and weird and I'm going to call 911."
"Whatever bitch"
Off he goes.
I double check all the locks and open a bag of Oreos.

Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs of Today....

Ella grabbing my face pushing her nos against my nose and giggling
Ella grabbing my face, pushing her nose against my nose and screaming

Getting a "Happy Anniversary" text from my sweetie
Realizing that our anniversary was two days ago
... and that we had both forgotten

Seeing how tall Ella has gotten
Seeing that Ella has gotten tall enough to rip the colorful paper border off her wall.
Extra low: not knowing where the thumb tack that had been holding it up went.

The Ella cuddles just before bed, all limp armed and face smooshed into my neck
The epic screaming fit she threw earlier that led to me practicing my breathing through clenched teeth and screaming into a pillow.

And just think. in 10 hours we start all over....

Possible Initiative Action Against CA Transgender Equality Law

Posted on the GCV blog....

Read the full article here.

Remember AB 1266? It is the first-in-the-nation law that allows transgender children access to sex-restricted facilities and programs based on the gender they identify with, rather the sex they were born into. It was signed into law by California Governor Jerry Brown on August 12th and takes effect on January st.

At least that's the plan.

But the law, which has drawn fierce criticism and wringing of hands from Conservatives from the get go, might be short lived. 

Sleepy Hollow

I'll admit it. I love fantasy TV shows.

Buffy: RIP.... you paved the way and set the bar so high....

Dollhouse... you were awesome and gone too soon....


Apparently, the masses are starting to give fantasy a bit more of a go. Yeah, Supernatural has been on for forever (a few seasons too many, but with the eye candy, we don't complain too much). And yes there are (too many) vampire and the like shows out there, but what about original fantasy?

NBC has Grimm (excellent show!)
ABC has Once Upon a Time and soon the Wonderland spin off.

Enter Fox with Sleepy Hollow! (Mondays)

I was ready to not like this show. I was sure we would have contrived polts, repetitive fish-out-ofwater jokes, magic as plot spackle, and really, the Rip Van Winkle addition to the Headless Horseman story? Why? Plus, could the show have enough story to last a whole season?

I'm glad to report that I was wrong.

Yeah, the show is a bit silly and the acting can be a bit hamfisted at times (it is the pilot afterall), but on the whole the writers have done a decent job of making the characters likeable (if not wholy beliveable... that will come later with character development one hopes) and of making the story make as much sense as a story featuring a Rip Van Winkle meets National Treasure sort of scenario with a shaggy haired hero who must stop the coming apocalypse by defeating a headless zombie who can somehow still hear people. There are also witches and the hint that George Washington wasn't just fighting for our freedom from British taxation and tyranny.

I wouldn't say it was a rollicking good time, but it was fun. The saving grace is that the cast seems to know how crazy it all sounds and the influx of humor. Go ahead, watch the preview. If you don't crack a smile, then skip the show... I have a feeling the humor and the occasional tension fraught deep in the dark forest scenes will be what carries this show forward.

I also have to point out that Crane is played by Tom Mison (a British relatively unknown)is pretty darn hunky.

The Patience Stone

The Patience Stone by Atiq Rahimi

I got this book because I saw a preview for the upcoming movie. A wise person once said that books and the movies adapted from them are like comparing apples with apple pie, but it has been a while since I did a side by side comparison so I figured why not.

This review will focus solely on the book.

I had a hard time reading this book. It is short... very short and the writing style is crisp and unfettered with too many details. In fact, it is downright sparse in terms of details which is part of its charm. And still, it was hard to read because the subject matter is hard to face.

I'm a middle class liberal minded American woman fiercely loved by my partner and supported by my family.
I have nothing besides gender and motherhood in common with the protagonist of this book.

Which is why I felt I must read it.

I was prepared to be dismayed. I was prepared to be bothered. I was prepared to be taught a leson.

I wasn't prepared to have all three things happen so smoothly.

Rahimi has a beautiful grasp of poetry. Even though the novel is translated, it flows like water... it doesn't stop, it waits for no one, it pushes through blockages of judgement and wariness.

This book moved me beyond my expectations.

Set in one single room and told from an almost God-like place of indifference, we see the final days of a man's life as his wife cares for him. But it is not his story, it is hers. It is her voice that breaks the silence and tells us of her life... it is her plight and her history that carry the story forward. It is her body that suffers as he dies and her torrent of words that can not be silenced in the almost silent room.

By being sparse on the details, Rahimi draws our attention to what really matters: her story in her own words.

The ending was shocking and yet unavoidable. The writing was exquisite and the plot, though limited by its own contrivances, moved along and took me on a journey of discovery.

I highly recommend this book.

September Community Alliance Article

It's up!

Here's the teaser....

Orange is the New Black is the new Netflix series from the creator of Weeds.

As we head into September and the inevitable start of the fall television season, let’s take a look at LGBT characters on TV: currently a little lesbian heavy, but moving in the right direction.

Last year, NBC had The New Normal, which followed the adventures of two gay men and their surrogate as they prepared for the birth of their son. It lasted one season despite a lot of hype and a lot of “in” jokes proving that the LGBT community are savvy TV viewers. It takes more than a few fashion jokes and one on-screen kiss to keep us interested. The writing and acting have to be there as well.

The cancelation of this show proved that LGBT viewers are tired of being talked down to in terms of characters on network shows. We are tired of the same lame stereotypes. Shows that deliberately play up the sassy gay men and lovable homophobe characters deserve to fall off the air.

The full article can be read HERE or by grabbing a copy of the issue at the Fresno LGBT Community Center, the Center for Nonviolence, or other local distribution centers.



If you love Egypt history, if you are interested in the battle between monotheism and polytheism that shaped the infrastructure and the social customs of ancient Egypt.... well, this book probably isn't for you.

If you are moderately interested in those sort of things in the peripheral, but like a story with a very clear "good guy" and "bad guy" that is loosely based on a few scattered archaeological finds... this book might be just what you want to read!

In short, this book is what I would typically call Lit Fluff... except that it is rather too long for such a designation. It is, however, a relatively quick read for its girth because the writing, while a tad prolific, isn't weighty.

In short, Nefertiti is the story of, you guessed it, Nefertiti as shown through her rival and sister Muty. There is a rise to power, some actions taken because of hubris, karmic retribution, and a whole lot of Muty sighing in frustration as Nefertiti is a horrible person who does horrible short sighted things.

I'm not sure if the characters lack depth because the author is basing them off some very skimpy historical data or if the author was just lacking imagination, but the end result is a forgettable book about what could have been unforgettable characters.

My advice? If you happen to ge the book for free or cheap at a used book store and you have a plane ride in your future, why not. Otherwise, there are more compelling better written books out there.

But that's just me.