…Perhaps we were only mildly entertained. Regardless, please enjoy these Reviews, Responses, Works of Fiction, and Retellings brought to you by one who hopes to someday join the ranks of those who have written something worth reading.
(Kaylia Metcalfe)


Daddy was so pleased with himself, he dressed you all cute this morning!

So of course you spit up all over yourself.

I changed you.

You spit up all over me.


WE both had dentist appointments today. Oh the joy. We got there on time and still had to wait. We took turns getting our teeth looked at and taking care of you in the lobby.  Never has a dentist appointment been so stressful!

And we both have to come back for fillings etc.  Little one we are going to be manic about your teeth health just so you know. Because this was a pain the rear.

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