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A rare moment of you sleeping....

You like your seat a lot, especially when I take you for long walks. Now, that doesn't help ME get any rest... but so be it.

It was another long hard day today.... but tonight you consented to be a sweet little angel in the arms of our neighbors Jennifer and Adam and I got to take a nice hot shower all by myself!

I am very ready for Daddy to come home.

I let you nap (such as it was) in your crib today. We are going to start napping in there from now on to hopefully make the transition into sleeping in there easier. Fingers crossed.

Today is also your Grandma's 50th birthday. I wonder what you will be like when I turn 50. Hopefully you won't be making me a grandma......


So, I'm cheating a bit.

Today was rough, you slept (barely), you pooped, you ate (in tiny little snacks), you farted,.... and you cried and screamed.

It was a long hard day and I didn't take any photos.

Daddy isn't home yet but I dug out this photo because I needed to remember that I don't have to be alone (he will come back) and that you are worth it.


Yes, this is your halloween costume.

You are a banana.

You are so appealing!

Get it? Get it!? HEEEE!!!!

Yeah, I'm a dork who loves puns. Get used to it kiddo!

Today you didn't cry as muh... you screamed. Screamed. And screamed and screamed.

I cried.

And then...

and then you did this:

... and suddenly the screaming didn't seem so bad.


Uncle Mark and I took you for a walk today and you rode in the baby bjorn! Hooray for nex experiences!

I was a bit hesitant, but after a few hundred feet you seemed to settle down and be ok. It puts an odd strain on my back but I'm willing to try it again if it means another way to make you happy.

You still cry an awful lot.

Anyway, Uncle Mark had to go home today but Daddy is coming back soon!


More tummy time!

Olive is starting to pay more attention to you when you are down there.... I am keeping a very close eye on her, but so far she seems content to keep her distance and just watch you.

You haven't seemed to notice her yet.

Isn't that a pretty quilt? Miss Pam gave it to us! It is perfect for tummy time!

It was a pretty relaxed day with Uncle Mark today... and then we went to the Halloween party at Robin's house! You were great for the first bit of the party... and then you got sleepy and fussy and didn't want to go to sleep so we came home.

ANd I didn't get a good photo of you in your outfit.... maybe tomorrow.


Almost a smile....

It was a nice visit with Grandma and Grandpa but now it is time to go home! Another 3 hour car drive!

And again you slept! Woot!

Uncle Mark brought us home and is going to stay with us for a few days. How fun!

ANd yes, we both miss Daddy.


Today you had a nightnare or something.... you were dead asleep and then suddenly you were screaming. And I mean Screaming! I thought something was eating you! I snached you up and comforted you but couldn't find any reason for the sudden cries.

What were you dreaming little one?

We also went for a walk today... which you normally like, but the streets of San Jose must not have been as nice because you cried the whole time. The Whole Time.

Seriously, you cry a lot.


Another day at Grandma and Grandpa's house! Today you got a bath in the kitchen sink! Again you liked the water being poured on you but weren't a big fan of the getting in and out process.

While we are here you are sleeping in your bassinet in the bed with me... it is as close to co-sleeping as we are likely to get and I'll tell you what, I'm getting no sleep due to your thrashing noisy sleep. I'm looking forward to you being big enough to sleep in your own bed.

You keep teasing us with these "almost" smiles.....


Look! We can play with our toys at someone else's house too!

Walking you in the middle of the night, singing you lullabies my mother sang to me and eating my dad's home cooking... this is a very nice little trip we are on baby girl!

It is a bit odd being both a child and a mother in this house. I'm sure I will get used to it, but it is odd to say the least.


We survived a three hour car trip! You only screamed for the first 15 minutes!

Then you went to sleep!

I miss Daddy but it is nice to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Kristen.

(but boy their house is cold!)


The GCV LGBT Community Center Staff.

I'm so glad to be a part of this team of people who are working so hard to make the world a better place! I hope you grow up knowing the importance of nonprofit work and community groups!

We packed today for your first trip away from home... we are going to go spend the week in San Jose with Grandma and Grandpa while Daddy is away in the field.


My little girl all dolled up.

Not sure how you will like being all dolled up as you get older... I was into dresses and tights until 4th grade (then it was all about leggings -stirrup pants- and big tunic tops... it was the 80s after all).

I think it was 5th grade where I discovered jeans and never went back to frills... but you, my dear, will get to figure all that out for yourself.

For now though I am going to dress  you in hand me downs and whatever fits... and today that meant all frilled up!


You look like you are plotting something.
(And your baby acne keeps sort of fading and then coming back!)

You are over 11 pounds now! And you can fart loud enough to wake yourself up! Hooray on both counts!


The swing, like everything, is sometimes something you love for about 10 minutes and then turns into something you hate... hate with a passion!

We'll keep trying.

You were born 4 weeks ago today. I am 35 pounds lighter than I was 4 weeks ago today. Not bad!


I like putting hats on you! Must get you used to it so that you will be ok with all levels of sun protection as you get older! (Skin cancer runs in your daddy's family so we must be extra careful with you!)

I'm so tired. You ar queen of the 15 minute nap. Even at night it is rare that I get more than 1.5 hours of sleep.  My brain is foggy and my eyes hurt all the time.

THis won't last forever... right?


You like your toy, I like laying next to you while you are playing with it. Win Win!

And yes, we are sort of laying in the same position.  We are related after all....

Nothing all that exciting happened today. Nap, feed, comfort, play, nap feed comfort, play.... over and over and over again. I have a feeling I am going to have a lot of days like this.


Sometimes you look at me and I think you *know* me. Do you *know* me baby Ella?

Today a man broke the speed of sound wearing only a space suit.

And you made little grunting noises in your sleep.

One of these things will make the history books... the other made me smile and feel all full of love and light.


Speaking of your daddy.. you fit so nicely in his arms! It makes me so happy when the two of you hang out (and not just because it means a break for me.... Really!)

Today you had your first bath.

You screamed both before and after.. but you did seem to like the warm water while you were in it.... you seemed to especially like it when we poured water on your tummy.  I'm looking forward to more baths and more fun in our future. Most kids end up liking water, I hope you are one of them!


You have adorable feet. BUT. But baby socks are so freakin' cute I can hardly stand it. I like the ones that look like little shoes!

Your daddy is awesome, by the way. Today he cuddled both you and the cat while I made dinner. I love our little family so much!


I never thought I would use a pacifier or plug on you, but sometimes you just seem to want to be doing something and your mouth / tongue is the only part of you that you can really control right now.

Today Daddy took care of you when he got home and I got to sneak in an extra nap! Heavenly!!!!!


This photo shows you one of the tricks we use to get you to stop crying: Daddy swings you in your seat.

Now, that sounds easy, but the seat (especially with you in it) isn't really light per say.... and as you get bigger it is only going to get heavier. 

So, this can't be a regular thing... but sometimes we have to use what we can.

And sometimes we have to trick you into quieting down.

(we use the vacuum too.....)

In other news, today is national Coming Out Day. (I came out -again- as a bi pagan agnostic loudmouth). I really hope that when you are old enough to be aware of such things there isn't the need for days like today, that our society has progressed to the point where no one cares and no one is in danger for being honest about who they are.

Ok, maybe too much to wish for for you in your youth, but hopefully by the time you are my age? We can hope.


Today we had visitors!

Kelly and Brooke (who both used to work with Daddy in Santa Cruz) came to see us! Brooke held you and you went right to sleep. she claims it is because she is a mom and has big comfy boobs. I trust her judgement.... I am a mom too but my boobs aren't as big and thus not as comfy I guess... I have a heck of a time getting you comfy enough to sleep on me (unless it is the middle of the night, then you ONLY seem to want to sleep on me...)

Anyway! They came to visit and it was lovely! We sat outside in sunshine and talked and played with you! I am glad you will have these sort of strong women in your life.. women who work hard, get dirty, and are super smart to boot! hooray for positive role models!

And then dinner out.. one of your first times out to dinner. (You slept most of it). All in all, a great day!


We went for a walk today. 

It is sometimes hard for me to get motivated to do such things... even before you came along. Now? Now it is really hard but I did it... and actually today was one of the first days where it actually seemed like a good idea.

It was a short walk, but I'm calling it a win because we did it.

In other news your little baby claws are insanely sharp! We have to wear baby armor (robes) when holding you or risk getting cut to shreds!

Also, here is my recap from your Dr Apt: 
Good news: Ella is doing well (up to 10 pounds 9.4 oz). Bad news: I am still off any sort of milk product. Good news: Her thrashing while sleeping is okay. Bad news: her night time fits of anger and screaming might last for a few more months


Boo-Ya! My ring fits again!

My engagement ring! My beautiful symbol of love and hope and promises and sweetness! It fits again because my pregnancy sausage fingers have shrank down to normal(ish) sizes again! Hooray!

The rest of me is shrinking too... not as fast as my fingers, but still. Progress! Yay!

In other news, our friends Sonja and Allie had baby Roo the other day and I forgot to mention it. He looks so cute and bald in his photos! I hope you get to grow up with him and are fast friends!


Tonight, while we were eating dinner, we realized that the sunset outside was simply gorgeous.
So we wrapped you up and headed out to look at it and snap a few photos.

When I was a kid, my family would sometimes do this too... my dad would suddnely call out "Sunset Alert!" and we would all drop everything and go stand in the front yard and watch the colors in the sky.

Yes, I know that many of the pretty colors are due to pollution .. but still, I like the memories of us all taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of the sunset as a family.

I am sure our neighbors thought we were freaks.

Anyway, it was pretty nifty to do that with you tonight. I hope there are many beautiful sunsets to look at in your life and I hope you aren't always too busy to notice them.


You are so cute... and useful for exacting revenge!

Today I had to have the handyman come over and fix our leaky shower. I really want to take a nice hot shower, but noooo I can't because of the leaky.
So I call. I tell him, I have a newborn, so can he plase knock on the door when he gets here. He agrees.

And then he rings the bell

Which wakes you up from a nap you didn't want to be taking anyway.


So I stood behind him while he worked and let you scream at him.

Share the screams, that's my new motto!


Oh tummy time... how you like it! I'm glad because I have heard moms talk about how their little ones hate it.
You don't seem to mind, and you are so active! I even took a video of you and your tummy time... let's see if I can get it to load up here.... (and yes, you have the hiccups all the darn time!)


Sometimes you like your seat. Sometimes not.

You are up to 10 pounds and 3 oz... so feeding you is working! Yay! 

Although I have been put on a lactose free diet... not so yay... Your mommy is a milk fiend, just so you know, and this sacrifice of milk and yogurt is going to be hard....

I have to find us both new doctors now as our insurance is changing... I am really disapointed because I wanted you to stay on Kaiser, but alas, we can't afford it. Hopefully I can find you a Dr that is close enough to walk to....


We have no pattern, we have no real routine.
But, we do have this awesome play mat thing from Miss Ashley and you seem to really like it!
It seems a bit cruel that nothing is hanging down long enough for you to reach... not that you could reach it right now anyway, but still. Maybe when you get bigger I will attach other things to it.

I wonder how long you will be entertained by these simple things?

You are already outgrowing some of you newborn clothes!


I love this photo! You look like you are contemplating what you are seeing... is it too soon for you to be doing that? I don't know, I just know that you look at me so seriously sometimes I sort of understand why some people belive that babies are born full of knowledge but they slowly forget things over time.....

Author News: Ella Marie

My latest creation..... My daughter!

Ella Marie Metcalfe-Armstrong was born on September 20th.

I will take the next three months off but look forward to returning to my writing projects in January.

Thank you all for your support and well wishes.

A Mom Morning

Being a mom.
Is a lot of work.

But worth it.

I had one of those mornings, it was a mix… some really good and some frustrating…. Which, it seems, is par for the course.

1:37 am she wakes (she had been sleeping since 1030)
Marathon feeding / burping / cuddles
2:45, back to bed
5:15: she wakes
Marathon feeding/ burping / cuddles
6:30, back to sleep
8:10: she wakes
Daddy feeds her from a breast milk bottle
Burping / cuddles etc
In bassinet with mom at 8:30, very much awake.
9:00, bassinets are evil, she hates them, time for more food. ( I wonder how she can be hungry still)
Feeding / burping / cuddles
Lay baby down so mom can eat breakfast
Epic spit up all over everything (apparently she wasn't hungry) 
Change clothes / sponge bath / cuddles
10:00, get picked up for trip to Target… this involves Baby in seat, base for seat and diaper bag being carried out to parking lot and affixed. Thankfully Ashley knows how to install car seats as I am still a bit rusty. Also, Daddy usually carries the baby in seat and boy is Mommy out of shape.
It is also already hot.
Drive to Target, Baby is sleeping, hooray!
Target trip: Baby sleeps until in the check out line, then lots of crying.
Get groceries and seat back in car, give baby a bit of a break from the seat with a walk and a cuddle, back in the seat, Baby is pissed.
Cries all the way home
Home: Trying to get groceries, car seat, baby etc into the house.
Baby is fussy but ok, want to put closd stuff away… open fridge and huge thing of cold cereal topples down and now there are tons of Cheerios all over the kitchen floor.
Baby is newly angry and very loud.
Ok, baby is priority, frozen groceries and kitchen mess will have to wait… time to nurse.
Phone call while nursing, the car seat base is still outside.
Walk outside to get it carrying baby on the breast.
Back inside, finish nursing, baby is fussy and then WHAM a blow out diaper.
Clean up mess, burp baby, cuddles
Baby is content with pacifier, clean up Cheerios, put away groceries, grab some food and scarf it. 

It is just now noon.
She's fussy again.

Baby steps indeed… we are going to get there…


There you are wearing a monkey outfit I picked out for you.

I asked Daddy to take this photo as I wanted one with you on my lap to show how nicely you fit there.

Today was our first day just you and me.

It was.... it was long and tiring and wonderful all at once.

Hiatus News... We had a baby!

We had a baby!

A beautiful baby girl... Ella Marie Metcalfe-Armstrong!

I will probably be back up to writing reviews in a few months.

Thank you all for the well wishes.

If you want to see photos or read my birth story, click here.