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(Kaylia Metcalfe)


Today I spent some time with Allison, attended a Anthology Committee Meeting, had a bit of a break down, got over it, did a MASSIVE Target shopping trip, and started making you a new blanket.

Also, tried El Pollo Loco for the first time, really really good!

But back to your blanket. I made you a pink and blue one before, but I am trying again with a different pattern in my head.  honestly, this is so I have something to do as I sit on the couch and watch TV. Typing has become almost impossible and reading tends to put me to sleep no matter what I am reading... so... crochet it is!

38 weeks today... and really really ready for you! all that's really left to do is pack the hospital bag.... which I keep procrastinating. I am really ready for you... but for some reason, I just can't seem to take that last prep step.

Soon.  Soon.

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