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Today was a long day.

My computer was in the shop so I couldn't do much.... I was also feeling very run down after the weekend and so I spent most of the day resting (feet up of course).

I really like how nice an organized the hourse is... let's hope it can stay that way for a bit.

A few contractions today... but not regular or long... and honestly sometimes hard to tell that they are contractions and not the normal pelvic / tummy pain.

Daddy was going to have to go out of town thsiweek but ti would have taken him far away for a bunch of time without being able to be in contact with us... so he passed on the assignment.  This might make things a bit more stressful at work, but he wants to make sure he is nearby (or at least reachable) in the off chance I go into labor this week.

I don't think I will, but had he gone out of town, I bet I would have :)

My labor prediction: Since I have this great involved plan for how things can be taken care of... it won't go anywhere near that plan.  Just watch, I'll be one of those "lucky" 1 in 10 who's labro starts with water breaking instead of having lots of prep time with contractions.... I hope for the later, but I'm mentally preparing for the former.

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