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Another SWAC brunch.

(Probably not my last one, but maybe....)

Alie and I took this photo to show off our baby bumps.  See how mine is higher? Well, statistically speaking that means I'm having a girl and she is having a boy.  As of right now, her little boy (due in early October) doesn't have an official name yet... everyone is just calling him Roo!

Your boy name would have been Edric.... yeah, I got it from a book.

Your daddy nixed the following boy names:

Conor, Corbin, Keetan, Taren, Joshua....

The girl names were easy. We thought about Emily... and then we thought of Ella and then we stopped thinking about it because Ella was just perfect.

Ella Marie Metcalfe-Armstrong.

What a lovely name, if I do say so myself!

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