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Before book club today, Ashley came over to use our oven to make these yummy fruit tart things.

I was going to take a photo of the tarts, but.. well... we ate them. So, the photo is of the lefto over fruit I ate with ice cream later.

Book club was much fun as well....

When Daddy and I moved to Fresno, I didn't know anyone here. So, we started a SWAC club and I started a Book Club. Through the book club, I have met a variety of people, read books I enjoyed that I never would have picked up, and generally felt like a part of something Fresno!

It jsut goes to show you, if you are unhappy with your situation, try to find a way to change it... even if that way might be hard or scary. It wasn't easy to start a book club and hope that people would not only show up but also be nice and friendly.... but boy was it worth it.

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