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(Kaylia Metcalfe)


Aunt Kristen graduated from Berkeley and therefore it was time to celebrate!

I am so proud of my first little sister. She is such a beautiful accomplished young lady. I can't wait for you to meet her.. and it makes me so glad that you will have her as a role model in your life.She is so smart and classy! 

Anyway, the party at Grandma and grandpa's house was a lot of fun. We took a lot of photos and ate a LOT of strawberries ipped in chocolate. well, ok, I ate a lot, other people were probably more polite. 

It was lovely to see a bunch of family friends... Uncle Phil and Uncle Eric were there, I hope you get to know them as you grow up too!

.... I don't even want to think about you graduating from college.... Or about paying for you to go to college.... I better get busy on that novel so I can make tons of money.... right.....

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