…Perhaps we were only mildly entertained. Regardless, please enjoy these Reviews, Responses, Works of Fiction, and Retellings brought to you by one who hopes to someday join the ranks of those who have written something worth reading.
(Kaylia Metcalfe)

What it is, Is

It isn’t in the words you say
Or even, the ones you don’t
What it is,
How you know
When to touch my hand
Reach across the couch, the front seat, the table
Skin on skin reminder

It isn’t about the gifts you give
Or the things you let me get myself
What it is,
How you care enough to care
Folding the laundry in ways that make me smile
A lightening of the load

It isn’t about the time you spend with me
Or the time you let me be alone, no guilt
What it is,
How you make me feel
Heart alight and soaring, beating in reflective time
Shared breath and goals and hopes

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