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I swam this morning, in the deep end.
Back and forth, arms pumping, legs kicking, trying to keep my breathing regular.
Not going anywhere, but trying anyway

I read tables and charts and figures.
HIV cases for my area.
Thirty new cases in the first three months of the year.
Ten of them are “youth”
(aged 15 to 24)

I jogged today, in the shallow end.
Back and forth, arms held high to increase blood flow, toes scraping the bottom
Trying not to slip.

I wrote
Word and phrases
Building, or attempting to, a story
Something new, relevant, worth reading.
The backspace button is too easy of a tool, suddenly the words are gone.

I went back to the pool.
Another thirty minutes on the timer,
Keeping my head afloat

Water splashes
Or tears
Hard to tell when you are swimming
In the dark.

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