…Perhaps we were only mildly entertained. Regardless, please enjoy these Reviews, Responses, Works of Fiction, and Retellings brought to you by one who hopes to someday join the ranks of those who have written something worth reading.
(Kaylia Metcalfe)

Moving Forward

On the treadmill
Of life
Not a real one, I have a busted knee
Pushing and straining, hoping and, yes, sometimes praying.
I doubt it will work but occasionally feel like hedging my bets
Or at least going through the motions
I want someone else to be responsible
Or capable
Or, maybe just aware.
The scenery doesn’t change
Everywhere sort of looks like everywhere else
At least, the places that I go
There is a Wal-Mart nearby
A gas station
A place to buy milk
And it is always hot
The timeline in my head
(Correction, Baby, just one)
… The when and if of it all
Sometimes more than I can handle
So I tread
In the water walking floating pushing and not sinking

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