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4. Oatmeal and Life

Dear Baby,

On the way to the community center for my shift, I talked to your Aunt Annie. She is excited too and immediately started to tell me all about the different vitamin supplements I should start taking, even before we create you. I’ll look into it for sure. Anything I can do to help my body be a better safer healthier place for you, I want to do.

I need to get my cholesterol down and I want to lose a bit of weight. This involves eating oatmeal for breakfast and not buying cookies. 

Baby, I hate oatmeal. Hate. But for you, I’ll eat it.


Had a meeting today with other community leaders on how to help stop the spread of HIV in Fresno. 

Sometimes meetings like this make me wonder if I am being selfish even thinking about having you, about bringing you into this world. This world is dark, dear baby, and frightening.

Then, right before I left I took a phone call from an elderly lady who was so thankful for our outreach, so happy that her grandson would be coming out in a friendly place with people around him that could love him for who he is.

I remembered that the world being dark just gives us extra chances to bring light. Doing good matters. I am so glad I get to be part of the good in the world, even if it is only a little bit.

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