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The Dress

I have a dress in my closet.
It is form fitting.
The fabric is…. unforgiving.
A smaller size bought in a moment of sheer optimism,
(I won’t tell you how long ago)
It is my dream dress.
I want to wear this dress.
With a new pair of shoes,
Something sexy.
With a new hair cut,
Something sophisticated.
I want to walk with confidence in this dress.
Wave to friends,
Smile as if the paparazzi were in hot pursuit,
Catch the eye of a stranger,
Kiss my lover and feel his heart beat quicken.
That’s a lot for one dress, I know.
But, It is a Dream Dress, not a Sure Thing Dress.
Big dreams, Big goals
That’s the way I do things.
Every now and then I take the dress out and look at it.
At the tags attached,
At the line of the shape,
At the scoop of the neck,
It hangs in the back of the closet
Behind the work clothes
The summer skirts
The bigger sizes
It’s waiting.

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