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Things I learned during my first day (back) at work.

Five months is a long time to be out of work.

Years of reading my own bad handwriting has in no way prepared me to be able to read someone else’s bad handwriting.

If I time my bus route right, the commute is 30 mins door to door. If I don’t…. it is more like an hour.

I need to invest in more sweaters, pants, and maybe a small heater.

Cheap Nylons + Kneeling down to get into a low file cabinet = Ruined Nylons of Runness.

I don’t do well with the pressure of an audience while I type.

Keyboards that are all angled up and out making the “n” key twice the size it normally is and my elbows stick up like a weird bird…. Annoying.

Mind Reading is still a valued skill. I don’t have it, but that doesn’t stop me for wishing I did.

$11.00 an hour sounds good when you are at home without a job.

I am a pen snob. I understand that makes me special.

The difficulty / success of the learning curve is directly proportional to the amount of time you are allowed.

And… lastly… There are always going to be gray areas. For instance. I was instructed to take home the 18 page How To for general duties in order to study it. Now, I don’t really mind… it is a good idea to be as prepared as possible. BUT, shouldn’t the training and learning be part of the job? You know, the “I’m getting paid to learn the ins and outs of the job” part of the job. And, some of the stuff in the instructions doesn’t make much sense unless you can see the other office things, like files on the computer, items in the drawers, etc.

Anyway, first day down and I am cautiously optimistic.  

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