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The next project....

I have this big empty backyard area that I really want to fix up. Call it the continueing nesting phenomenon, but I imagine being able to hang out and ejoy my backyard as opposed to vagly pointing at it and noting its existence.

I have a love/hate relationship with gardens and growing things. I love the idea of it… but all my experience has been the yearly clearing, weeding, drudgery of my parent’s back yard every summer and the long suffering and eventual deaths of every potted plant I have ever looked at.

A green thumb I have not.

I do, however, have time and energy and a vision of enjoying our space. Here is what it looks like now.

Before I can even think about planting anything, I need to clean the whole place up. In the laundry cupboard, I hoisted the fake Christmas tree box up and heaved it onto the shelf giving myself a gigantic splinter.

Oy backyard… you have drawn first blood! But I will not be deterred!

Wish me luck.

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