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Back to the Backyard

I have spent some time talking gardens with some educated friends. I also spent some time clearing out weds and trash, swept the bricks,  set up the brick borders that had fallen down (I think I need to dig, place the little wall and then fortify?), and gathered up a whole bunch of dead leaves. I will need to make a few more passes…. There is just so much going on back there!

A few photos and preliminary plans.

Preliminary  because they are all subject to change once I get to the store and ask a local garden person what they recommend… and also see prices.


Area 1: Kitchen Wall (Full Shade) 100 inches long by 19 inches wide
          Window sill: shade loving potted herbs like thyme and rocket
Ground level: Ajuga reptans, the Bugleweed Plant or Brass Buttons

Area 2: Driveway Wall (Full Shade) 11 feet by 15 inches / 4 feet by 17 inches
          Slightly bigger border area, low traffic. I am thinking Creeping Lilly Tuft or English Ivy

Area 3: Fence Wall (Afternoon sun) 13 ft long, 14 inches wide / 6.5 ft long, 20wide
          Main area, thinking Rosemary, Lavender, Poppies


Area 4: Neighbor Wall (Full shade but right next to sun areas) 10 ft long by 1 ft wide
          Will be near the BBQ, sweet woodruff or English Ivy

Area 5: Bedroom Wall (Morning Sun) 7 ft long and 17 inches wide
          Window Sill: morning glories
          Ground level: sage

I am actually suprised at how much I am enjoying this.

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