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Writing… writing… writing…

I love writing but sometimes I like the idea of writing more than the actual pushing key after key aspect.

Like right now.

December was going to be my month…. Oh, I was so full of bravado and plans!

But then…

… I took a week off to spend with my newest niece.

…I took a week off to be horribly sick and to prepare for Christmas.

… and honestly I spent a fair bit of good solid writing time as a gnome warlock.

So here I am. Recharged. Ready. Mostly over my cold.


Well honestly I am a bit intimidated.  I have ten good ideas.  Ten, I think, really good ideas. 

Ten separate good ideas. 

Three of which are actually collections sort of ideas: a collection of six, a collection of ten and a collection of –gulp- twenty smaller parts.
Three others of which are actually trilogy of novels sort of ideas.
And then, thankfully, four ideas which are just stand alone novel length ideas.

Once again that is

36 short stories
13 novels

49 things in total I could be working on

49 things that are all started. That all have rough or semi vague outlines. Some of which have first second and third chapters written.  A few of which are almost ready to go to the editor.  Many more are still inthe first paragraph and general plan sort of stage.

They all sit here on my computer and wait. They all have their own Word Docs.  They all have their own collection of characters. Who all have loud voices and personalities and a strong desire to have their say.

My brain is a bit tired just thinking about it. 

I have a week! I have no job! I currently have only the smallest kernel of a plan for New Years! I have a Maifan-San who has promised to keep me in good supply of milk, French bread, clam chowder, cookies, and popcorn.

Once more into the words I go…..

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