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Goals and Promises

It is almost the end of the year… time when a lot of people make Resolutions.

I, for one, don’t make New Year Resolutions.

I do, however, make Birthday Promises and Goals.  My birthday, conveniently enough, is early December but I give myself the whole month to nail down these Promises and Goals which means around New Year’s I too have something to talk about in terms of aspirations.

This year I turned 30.

Which… was kind of a big deal for me.  Yes, I know, 30 isn’t OLD (unless you are my 20 year old sister)… but it isn’t really YOUNG either.  I will never be YOUNG again. And that is taking a bit of getting used to.

I had a fair number of Goals and Promises for my 30th birthday.

A few examples:

Goal: write and publish a book
Promise: find a hairstyle you don’t hate
Goal: have a reason to get a psssport
DONE (twice! Tokyo and London!)
Promise: get out of this (current) bad situation
DONE! (I did this in my mid 20s, it was well worth it)
Goal: reconnect with parents and sisters
Promise: be okay with your geeky weirdo self
DONE! (mostly)
Promise: find someone who loves you for who you are and love them back

A few things that didn’t quite make it….

Goal: Maintain weight of 135-145
I’m not off this goal by much, but enough that it bugs me.
Promise: Take better care of your teeth
Sadly, no.
Goal: Be in a good career.. or at the very least, in a job you enjoy.
I was until about 3 weeks before my birthday.
Goal: figure out the answer to the Baby Question
Currently working on it.

Not bad.

I have a few year specific goals to do before I am 31, (write another book) and promises (really… take better care of your teeth!).  I have some long term before I am 35 goals (write 3 more books, go to Greece) and promises (find a way to have kids in your life, finally drop that last 7 – 10 pounds).

If I succeed, great! If not.. well, there will hopefully be another five years or so to work on them!

Happy New Years!

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