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We have spent way too much time in the car lately.

On Thursday we had around 7 hours. On Friday, 4, on Saturday around 3 and a half.

I love our car. I am thankful for our car. But I am tired of our car.

However… a few highlights from or travels….

Sharing this video with my entire family. Grandma wasn’t all that impressed, but my sisters started chanting “Salsa Cookies” a sure sign of approval.

I got to play with / learn more about Matthew’s fancy camera. I hope to get my own fancy camera someday and this is good practice. Examples of my attempts to be artistic coming soon to a facebook album near you!

We got to meet Noellia. Our newest niece. She was born on thanksgiving and is a teeny tiny 6 pounds.

I know she is an infant and it probably means absolutly nothing, but she totally stopped crying when it was my turn to hold her... and then she fell asleep! In my arms! It was... well, it was pretty freakin' sweet that's what it was.

This kid is sooo getting spolied by Aunty Kay!

And then of course we got to see Scott and Salome get married.  It was a lovely ceremony and I sincerely wish all the best for this adorable couple.

So yeah, totally worth the sore legs and numb rear ends, but I have a feeling it will be a few days before I get back in the car.

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