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Laughing With Thanks

Thanksgiving was lovely… I hope you had something nice to be thankful for.

In my case, I am extremely thankful for my family.

Yeah, I know. Everyone is thankful for their family. Yeah I know, it sounds trite. Yeah I know… But still.

I haven’t always been close to my family. We have had our periods of separation, of distance, of inability to spend more than a few minutes together without hurt feelings.

Not anymore.

At dinner this year we laughed, big genuine laughs the kind you have with your girl friends at 2 am, the kind of laughs that start to hurt your face and almost make you cry, the kind of laughs that a few years ago I would never have thought it possible to share with my family.

I have to wait until someone sends me a photo since the battery in the camera died early in the day, but let me assure you, there were a lot of happy people at my folks’ house on Thursday.

A lot of thankful people.

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