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Best Laid Plans.....

I had this plan.

Leave work on time. Go to gym. Work out thus negating all the fatty food that has been recently consumed. Walk home. Finish one of the six blog posts that are thiiiiis close to being ready to post. Organize the “working on” fiction folder on the desktop. Do the dishes.

You get the idea.

Instead: I left work just a smidge past on time. I did not go to the gym; however I also didn’t go into the DQ and eat ice cream, so I am going to consider this a wash. About a block from home, I got an idea for a story. A novel really. Actually, I remembered a story I had thought up years ago but never got around to writing down and then forgot. Suddenly, that story was back in my brain, more complex, more visual. Whole passages began to form in my head. I saw the cover art. The twist was there and the little clues that might have led the reader to guess it dropped like rain drops from a leaky gutter in my mind.

I had to stop at the store and buy milk. (Can’t write without milk) and the whole time I was chanting “don’t forget it this time” in my head.

Anyway. I got home, turned on the NEW laptop and checked my email where I discovered that I had actually posted a blog today. Unintentional, sure. But still. It’s down there, below this one and it is pretty much just a video with no real explanation. Although, to be fair, if you actually watch the video, you probably wouldn’t need an explanation.

But relying on that post to be today’s post seemed like cheating.

So, you also get this one.

And maybe soon I can get around to finishing the following posts:

Yarn Bomb!
Good Neighbor/Bad Neighbor
When Quitting is the Best Option

Stay tuned!

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Pagan Sphinx said...

"What happens when you get a whole bunch of kintters together who have extra yarn and a bit of free time?"

You kint together? ;-)