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Missy May

The cat is sort of sick.

Or rather, the cat is showing her age. She isn’t throwing up, she isn’t hiding… but she isn’t eating all that much and her joints have gotten stiff.

She is, however, still her friendly little self. She loves chicken, sitting on laps, and being the center of attention.

She made many friends at our recent 4th of July BBQ and has even worked her magic on the Maifan-San.

She is old, 15, and I know she won’t be around forever, but I am so glad that she has been here as long as she has. She is a wonderful little furry companion and I love her dearly.

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Lisa said...

Oh, the poor baby. I hate it when our friends are sick like that. No matter how much I joke about them, they are dear to me.

I'm sorry, Kay.