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Missing Missy

I guess I need to write what happened to Missy.

Don’t worry. I’ll be brief.

On Thursday, The Maifan-San and I took Missy to the vet and were told that she was really really sick. She was down to five pounds, she was pale, she was cold. She was very near the end. The vet was very compassionate but very clear. Missy May was going to die, and soon. How she went though, was up to us.

I knew we couldn’t take her home and watch her die. We couldn’t allow ourselves another night with her, that wouldn’t help her at all… it would just prolong it.

And I couldn’t conceive of just waiting… not knowing how much pain she was in, running the risk that she would die scared and in pain, alone.

We held her, petting her and saying loving things, while she went to sleep for the last time.

She doesn’t have to miss us.

But we miss her terribly.

I know we did the right thing, the humane thing. But my heart is still hurting.

Good bye Missy May. You were a wonderful pet, a wonderful little friend.

Thank you

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myrelish said...

Goodbye Missy May.
Hugs to you and Maifan-San.